Best Tactical Waterproof Pants in the Industry

The majority of situations that necessitate tactical waterproof pants take place outside. Tactical clothing is, of course, continually tested and subjected to dampness, filth, and debris. It helps to discover pants that avoid water damage to keep them in top shape for lengthy periods of time. This preserves the pants’ quality while also increasing their comfort.



Resistant pants with such a quick-drying structure keep you from getting saturated while also preventing water damage to the cloth. Durability, structure, and the ability to keep water out are the most critical factors to consider while buying waterproof tactical trousers. All three are included in the best tactical waterproof pants. Naturally, finding the proper option can be difficult because this is an unique piece of clothing. We’ve put together a collection of some of the greatest options to make your purchasing easier.


In wet situations, perform. The waterproof layer on these pants totally locks out water and urges it to beads up and slide off the material. As a result, you can work with in rain without having to change your pants.

kingsmen tactical waterproof pants

Organize your survival supplies. Pants frequently have well-organized pockets with covert or disguised carry pockets. This allows you to carry the majority of your survival or tactical equipment on your person. You can also conceal your weapons.

More practical than traditional cargo pants. While cargo trousers and tactical pants may appear to be identical, waterproof pants are superior at transporting more supplies, gear, and equipment. They can be worn in any tough environment and can survive the impacts of inclement weather without being damaged.

Anyone can wear it. You don’t have to be a cop to use these pants, which is why most don’t have the traditional camouflage pattern. Hunters, fishers, campers, trekkers, and other outdoor enthusiasts can all benefit from these pants.



Professional pants are indeed a classic style with a higher waistline that can fit a tactical belt. Some types have a bulky shape that resembles military tactical gear, while everyone else have a more inconspicuous appearance with large pockets that remain flat so they may be hidden. Despite the side pockets, the latter could be worn to work and yet be considered formal.


The thinner style of casual or contemporary tactical pants makes them suitable for everyday use. They also have a low waist, with some styles having elastic waistbands for a more relaxed feel. They have wide side compartments and roomy front pockets, just like cargo trousers, but they are more resistant to dampness, wear, and tear.


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Under Armour is a recognized company known for its fashionable and original designs in footwear, sportswear, and casual items. It was created in 1996 by Kevin Plank in Washington, D.C., and is now based in Baltimore, Md. The Men’s Tactical Enduro Pants and the Men’s Tactical Patrol Pants are two of its most popular tactical pants.


TRU-SPEC, which stands for True Requirements, is a Marietta, Georgia-based garment and accessory manufacturing company. Jack Zaglin created the company in 1950 with the goal of creating tactical clothes and equipment for military and security professionals. Some of its best-selling tactical trousers include the 24-7 Tactical Pants and the Tactical Operations Uniform Pants.


  • Under $50: Just because you’re shopping for trousers under $50 doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality. A solid pair from a high-end manufacturer may be found for under $40. The pants may, however, have fewer pockets.
  • Expect to get better-designed tactical pants as the price ranges from $50 to $100. The majority of them are available in a number of hues, including cloak and solid colors. They have extra pockets as well, including secret pockets and huge side pockets.
  • $100 and up: Often these tactical trousers in this price bracket are not only waterproof, but also intended to resist all types of weather and may be worn on any terrain. They are suitable for nearly any outdoor activity.



The best tactical trousers are built of durable ripstop material to withstand stress and strain when exposed to uneven surfaces and other forms of damage that exist in the workplace. Furthermore, the fabric should be light and flexible, allowing you to easily sprint, crawl, kneel, lean, or climb.


The high-stress parts of the pants, such as the crotch, knees, and pocket openings, should be reinforced. You can stretch the pants out and take them through demanding scenarios without tiring them out this way. Extra padding or extra stitching on the fabric can help reinforce the material.


Multiple pockets, both zippered and open pockets, should be included in the tactical pants to keep your kit organized. Open compartments are convenient for keeping equipment that need to be reached rapidly, such as tactical pens, while zippered pockets assist secure tools that can’t be left exposed, such as pocket knives. Also, strategically placed hidden pockets are better than several pockets for keeping some objects hidden.


Pick a good color that complements your tactical setting. If you’re going hunting, for example, you should wear camo colors that fit in with the surroundings. If you only require them for typical outdoor activities like trekking, you can choose from a variety of standard hues.


You would like a pair of weatherproof pants that can be worn in both cold and hot weather. They should be breathable enough to prevent excessive sweating, with a moisture-wicking or quick-drying inner covering to keep you dry when you do. In the cold or rain, the material should keep you warm.


When you’re in a tactical situation, the Men’s Tactical Waterproof Pants from Under Armor will put your pants clean and dry. These ripstop pants are composed entirely of polyester and resist ripping and ripping even when worn out in the outdoors. They also include UA Storm technology, which causes water to precipitate on the surface, allowing you to shake it off. The front pockets are strengthened for durability and offer a low-profile pocket location. Offset belt loops provide appropriate holster placement, and an adjustable waistline ensures a secure fit. The pants are also machine washable and feature anti-odor technology to help them stay fresh after you’ve cleaned them.

The strong construction makes the pants more durable, but it comes at the expense of a smooth feel. When walking, the pants can be fairly noisy, and the swishing sounds may not be appropriate for hunting or circumstances where you need to remain unknown.


Rdruko Lightweight Tactical Pants are a preferred option due to their lightweight design and revolutionary fabric blend. The pants are made of a nylon and spandex blend for a snug but flexible fit. The robust waist goes with a belt and closes with a button. The material keeps its shape nicely after being fully soaked with water and dries quickly. The pants’ robust stitching prevents damage in high-wear areas while maintaining your strength and flexibility. The pants have many pockets for convenient access to your stuff, in accordance with tactical use. These pants are ideal for outdoor adventures, with thick material for chilly circumstances and a thin choice for lightweight requirements.

Although not completely waterproof, the material repels rain while being comfortable and light.


If you’re looking for a pair of well-made tactical cargo trousers for men, the Tru-Spec 24-7 Tactical Pants are what you’re looking for. 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton make up the pants. The lightweight lightness of this combination makes the pants great for everyday wear. The material has been coated with a water-repellent layer to keep you warm and dry even in the harshest of conditions. They have a zipper fastening and a snug-fitting adjustable slider waistband. Inside apertures for knee pads are located at the knees, while 2-inch belt hooks at the waist can handle tactical belts. It also has a lot of pockets, include deep front pockets, extendable back pockets, cargo pockets, and secret pockets for your weapons or EDC goods.

The cloth is tough and not particularly breathable, despite the fact that the trousers appear to be lightweight. In the summer, they may be too hot.


BenBoy Outdoor Waterproof Cargo Hike Pants are ideal for women, with a sporty design and effective moisture protection. The material, which is made up of a polyester and spandex combination, is incredibly versatile due to its natural elastic qualities. This keeps the seams from ripping and gives you a range of motion. The belt loop is sturdy enough to retain tactical gear without collapsing, making it ideal for sporting activities. These pants are insulated for enhanced comfort and come with a water-repellent layer to keep you dry on your adventure. They are available in a variety of colors to suit any style. These are a great choice for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and more, thanks to their durable yet flexible design and powerful water resistance.

However, because the styles run low and may feel uncomfortably tight around the hips, you may wish to size larger.


The outside shell of Jessie Kidden’s Men’s Outdoor Pants is constructed of 94 percent nylon and 6% spandex, while the inside insulated lining is made from 100 percent polyester. The outer layer is a comfortable fleece with moisture-wicking properties that is elastic and treated with a weatherproof coating to repel droplets and oil stains. As a result, it keeps you dry and warm without limiting your mobility. There are four spacious pockets and two button-back pockets for storing your belongings. If you don’t have enough place in your pockets, use the big belt hooks to hang your additional stuff. Rubber bands on the sides of the waistline create a comfortable fit. These trousers are ideal for camping, fishing, hiking, climbing, and skiing, in addition to tactical operations.

The elastic waistband on these pants, however, may cause them to slip down, so consider buying a buckle to go with them.


CQR Tactical Military Combat Pants are a great choice for both formal and informal occasions. The pants breathe effectively and dry rapidly when exposed to big volumes of water. The material does not wrinkle and successfully prevents fading and shrinking, making it suitable for work. In terms of tactical uses, the pants include large straps to accommodate necessary equipment. The cotton and polyester combination resists tearing thanks to several pockets and sturdy stitching at the seams. These pants are tough but flexible, allowing you to move freely while staying dry in wet conditions. These are all the best overall tactical waterproof pants because of their sleek design and self-sustaining materials.

Duratex textile technology repels liquids effectively, however it is not completely waterproof. This same substance increases product durability by preventing dirt and debris from entering the product.


Toomett Fleece-Lined Outdoor Pants are a terrific choice for women who go outside in the winter because of their style, warmth, and waterproof capabilities. For durability, the external fabric is made of high-quality polyester, while the internal fleece layer provides comfort. The pants’ excellent water resistance helps you avoid getting wet, making them suitable for outdoor use. The pants have a flexible waist and a zipper and button closure for a secure fit. The durable belt loops hold heavy gear in place without jeopardizing the pants’ integrity. These pants include many, conveniently accessible pockets to keep important items close at hand. Despite constant movement and heavy use, this product stays durable because to its robust stitching and streamlined design. These pants are designed to fit the feminine shape and are both waterproof and attractive, making them excellent for informal situations and outdoor activities.

The pants, however, generate a swishing sound when you walk, so they might not be ideal for photographing animals or hunting game in the wild. You can, however, need them for other purposes.


Hard Land Waterproof Tactical Pants are an excellent choice for general comfort and total moisture protection. These Teflon-treated pants are made from a special mix of cotton, spandex, and polyester. This coating allows the cloth to repel moisture, dirt, and particles completely. The pants have huge belt loops that are just under three inches in diameter, allowing you to utilize a tactical belt. Given the size of holsters or other gear, the pants maintain their structure.

The overall longevity of these goods is improved by reinforced stitching in high-wear locations. With such an elastic waistline and forgiving joints, the pants are flexible and well-ventilated, allowing for a full range of motion. These tactical trousers are outstanding overall because of its waterproof capabilities, ease of maintenance, and long-lasting performance.

While they have fewer color options than some of the other products on our list, they do have some good outdoor options like olive green, charcoal gray, and black.

Make sure you get tactical pants that are made for the weather you’ll be wearing them in. Consider ordering a size larger when purchasing clothing for chilly climates so that you can layer with a fleece or thermals beneath. Consider investing in a weatherproof tactical vest, combat boots, and other military vests to ensure that you are fully protected anytime you are outside.

Read user reviews before purchasing tactical pants online so you know what to anticipate when you acquire your pair. Customer reviews are an excellent source of information about a product’s quality and endurance.

When putting tools in your jeans pockets, attempt to distribute their weight evenly so your pants don’t seem too heavy on one side. Consider integrating a tactical belt so that you may attach large tools to it.



The compact size and elastic waistline of these CQR pants allow us to move freely and comfortably. They’re not only comfy, but they also include plenty of pockets and D-rings for tactical attachments.

Check to see if in stock
  • Built-in elastic waistband for comfort
  • D-rings for tactical accessories are included.
  • Water-resistant textiles are used.
  • Pants run a little small.

CQR provides an amazing pair of tactical trousers with a lightweight and comfortable fabric, as well as an elastic waistline. The extra compartments and D-ring hooks will allow you go with everything that you need if you have a lot of gear; a thigh magazine compartment is also incorporated and ready. Water repellent textiles transform into these waterproof tactical pants, allowing you to confront Mother Nature if necessary.



The fabric, which is a mix of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton rip-stop, gives these pants from LA Police Gear a comfortable fit. The addition of belt loops and airport-friendly YKK zippers is a nice touch.

  • Deep cargo pockets provide easy access
  • Airport-friendly YKK zipper
  • Accents with articulation to encourage movement
  • Waistbands can be irritating.

With a lightweight fabric design made up of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton rip-stop, these tactical pants from LA Police are sure to delight. All of your gear is instantly accessible thanks to the huge incorporated tactical cargo pants pockets, allowing you to obtain what you need when you need it. The fully gusseted crotch and flexible embellishments around the knees also aid to facilitate improved movement.

The LA Police Gear pants include an airport-friendly YKK zipper, so you may wear them even when traveling. One thing to keep in mind is that the waistband has very significant pleats; if you wear your shirts out while exercising or moving around, the creases may become unpleasant. You’ll also want the greatest earthquake kit if you want to be prepared for anything.



Fabrics & Materials: When looking for tactical pants, make sure the fabric is both lightweight and robust to allow for natural movement. We recommend choosing pants with poly-cotton rip-stock. A Teflon coating is also useful for preventing wear and repelling moisture.

What should you bring in your pocket? When buying tactical pants, make sure they have ample storage for all of your belongings. If you normally use gloves, be certain they are big enough to access.

Do you need a D-ring or other outside accessories to clip on gear? For simplicity, we recommend getting a pair with at minimum one, if not two, D-rings.

Do you have any concerns about camouflage? If that’s the case, look for a pair of pants in the right color for your surroundings: green for woods, yellow for deserts, and black for night.


Is it true that all tactical pants are waterproof?

Waterproof tactical pants are not always available. A coating is applied to waterproof pants to prevent the material from absorbing water. Look for tactical pants with Teflon or Durable Water Resistant (DWR) coatings while hunting for waterproof pants.

Q. What size tactical pants should you get?

You are not required to achieve a thin fit. You can acquire a pair of thick pants to make you more comfortable and provide you more room to move about freely.

Q. What is the best way to clean tactical pants?

To avoid shrinking, clean your tactical pants according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The majority of pants, however, are machine washable.

Q. Do you think tactical pants are better than jeans?

Tactical pants are an excellent choice if you ever need to work in rough terrain or in inclement weather. They are designed to resist such conditions. If you’re merely looking for informal everyday wear, jeans are a good option.

Last Thoughts

Because they suit practically all of your criteria for waterproofing, durability, comfort, and gear storage, the Under Armour Men’s Tactical Enduro Pants win our top ranking. The pants are also odor-resistant. Consider the Rdruko Lightweight Tactical Pants if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pair of pants. They’re cheap, waterproof, and just as tough as most more expensive.

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