Best Tactical Fanny Pack For Everyday Use

All You Need To Know About Fanny Packs Convenience and space are always important when packing for essentials while traveling. A tactical fanny pack is an excellent alternative if you’re going through military training or need a simple way to carry your firearm. This article will cover all you need to know about fanny pack and the best tactical fanny packs.

What to Look for When Buying Fanny pack

There are a few things to consider before deciding on the best fanny pack to purchase. Here are some suggestions for the most essential aspects to look for in any compact or heavy duty fanny pack. 


Depending on what you’re carrying in your fanny pack, you’ll need more or less space. Most of these tactical fanny packs aren’t designed to hold a full-sized firearm but rather a small sidearm, so it’s important to keep this in mind. Do you want to carry one or two firearms? Will you need to bring extra ammunition and clips? If you could answer these questions, you should be able to identify which fanny pack is the perfect size for you.


Nylon is used to make the majority of fanny pack. However, not all nylons are made the same. Nylon and other textiles are measured using a unit known as a “denier.” Denier measures a material’s density. Hence the higher the material density, the thicker the nylon used to manufacture the fanny pack. 

This is crucial because you purchase a tactical fanny pouch. After all, it is durable and can keep your gear or concealed weapon safe and secure. An excellent example of such a fanny pack is the voodoo tactical fanny pack. This fanny pack is composed of durable nylon. It’s ideal for someone who requires more than a little more room. 


Size is also an important consideration when purchasing a tactical fanny pouch. You may want a compact fanny pack that can hold a few things like your ID and cell phone. If you’re being deployed or going on a mission in a jungle or forest, you’ll need the largest fanny pack you can find to carry things like a swiss army knife, sunglasses, refreshments, water, etc.

Molle System

A fanny pack molle system helps increase the storage capacity of your fanny pack. Molle refers to the fabric rows stitched onto the bag. You can store additional gear, such as a water bottle pouch, first aid kit, or other lightweight items in these compartments. On some tactical fanny pack molle, you can even attach the pouch to the vest, handlebars, and other backpacks for added convenience.

Adjustable Strap

Most fanny packs have an easily adjustable strap. This lets you wear your fanny pack in a number of ways. You could wear it around your waist with the bag at the front or to the side in a traditional method. Wearing the fanny pack across your body is another fun way to wear it. You can wear the pouch as a one-strap backpack or retain it in the front for easy access.

Are Fanny pack Waterproof or Water Resistant

Water-resistant fanny pack are prevalent, especially those made of nylon. Some of their contents include a waterproof inner liner to protect the contents inside. You can also choose to use a water repellent to waterproof the exterior of your fanny pack.

Is a Fanny Pack Considered Concealed Carry

Some fanny pack versions, especially those with elastic holsters and magazine slots, can be good examples of a concealed carry fanny pack. The Select Fanny Pack Carry Pistol Pouch is a good example. You can also be use it as a quick access concealed carry fanny pack. These fanny packs, on the other hand, are sometimes overlooked since standard holsters rule society. 

What’s the Difference Between a Tactical Fanny Pouch and a Regular Fanny Pack

Regular fanny packs aren’t designed for maximum or intense activities. Instead, they are casual bags that can be worn daily. A tactical fanny pouch will be more useful in a much more extreme situation. Consider a situation where you’ll need a durable and valuable bag in various settings, such as camping, hiking, adventuring, and outside cooking or working outside somewhere other than an office. So, when a fanny pack has more rigid fabrics and more specialized pockets, it becomes a tactical fanny pouch. A fanny pack that is slim, compact, and delicate is most likely regular.

Top Notch Fanny Packs To Choose From

Since picking a suitable fanny pack could be challenging, we’ve included a more detailed buying guide of some top rated fanny packs. They include:

Maxpedition OCTA Fanny Pack

The maxpedition tactical fanny pack is a durable waist pack with plenty of room for your essentials. The main pocket includes integrated organizers and drain grommets. It is composed of strong 1,000 denier ballistic nylon. Mesh and cotton separators divide your items, and the dual zipper flap opening enables rapid access when needed. The front compartment contains built-in elastic loops for fastening larger items like phones, water bottles, and radios. It also has a detachable waist strap with flexible retainers for even weight distribution and side-release buckles for quick separation. For water resistance, this pack is polyurethane-coated and reinforced with completed internal seams.

BDS Tactical Fanny Pack

In a short period, the BDS fanny pack has become a best-seller. It’s the ideal pouch for anyone who needs to carry important items. It is made of 1000D nylon material. There is also a 2×2 PALS webbing on the left and right sides of the main pouches. These enable you to add modular pouches like mags or grenade pouches. This fanny pack also has a flat compartment for a notepad or range cards. An exterior front zipper pocket offers additional storage for immediate medical necessities.

Tactical Carry Pistol Pouch

The Select Carry Weapon Pouch is a low-profile pistol fanny pack that makes concealing a pistol simple. It’s small enough to tuck under your coat or wear on the outside of your clothes without revealing what’s inside. It features a 6.5′′ x 14′′ flat handgun pocket on the front, making it a perfect Glock 19 fanny pack. It also has built-in magazine slots for carrying backup ammunition. You could also opt for a Truly fanny pack, which is as compact as the Carry gun fanny pack.

You can relax if you’re concerned about its material quality. The whole Select Carry Pistol Pouch is made of 1050 Denier Nylon. It can withstand a lot of pressure and rough handling. D. Despite its strong material, the adjustable padded strap on this pack makes it incredibly pleasant to wear around the waist.

Huntvp Military Pouch

The Huntvp military tactical fanny pack is a military pouch built to be as resistant and rough as possible. The material is a mix of high-density 900 denier nylon and simple canvas.

Its main pocket is quite large and can safely hold all of your valuables. There’s also enough space for a small flashlight and a few extra magazines. A slight recess on the top flap allows you to attach a torch with an adjustable bungee rope. There is also a small pocket on the front of the main compartment, which holds all your gadgets, stationery, and hunting knives. This tactical belt bag is in good shape and fully compatible with MOLLE and its front’s tactical fanny pack velcro system. It also has a detachable strap that you may customize to your liking. You can wear it over the shoulders and around the waist.

The Creator Waist Pack

The Tactical Waist Pack is ideal for hunting and trekking gear. It is made of water repellent and scratch-resistant 1000D high-density nylon. If you need a small tactical fanny pack, this is the ideal choice.

On the outside, four pockets provide ample space to hold most items. The backpack’s main compartment is zippered from the top and features an open inner pocket. It is also an ideal gun gear fanny pack. Since its main pocket measures “5×4”. It has three pockets on the outside that are large enough to hold things like maps, compasses, trail food, etc. The Creator Tactical Waist Pouch is also MOLLE compatible, allowing you to carry all your other MOLLE integrated pouches for even more portability.

Why Do You Need A Tactical Fanny Pouch?

A gun holster or a bag is great to carry around. However, you may require something smaller than a backpack, with more room and functionality than a standard holster. This is where a typical waist bag military pouch comes in. With these packs, you can conveniently carry your sidearms, ammunition, and any other small items you like to bring. A waistband holster can become cumbersome. Backpacks can increase the overall load and weight on your back. If you’ve been having trouble with these issues, you should try a fanny pouch.


Choosing the ideal tactical pouch is comparable to picking any other piece of tactical equipment. Everything comes down to personal preference and quality. This post discussed some of the best tactical military fanny pack currently available. This will assist you in narrowing your search. Before making any purchase, keep in mind things like material, capacity, and size.

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