Rothco Survival Signal Mirror 4x5

Rothco Survival Signal Mirror 4x5

Product Code: RTH-8315
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This survival signalling mirror is idea for your emergency kit and bug out bag (offgrid survival). The signal mirror is the most basic and best all-around signaling device. Compact and simple to operate, it has been successfully used for many rescues. While any shiny object can and has been used for signaling a purpose made signal mirror is generally brighter and the best are much easier to aim.Highly reflective 1/4 laminated glass. Unique mess targeting system. Pin-point aiming accuracy. 4 inch by 5 inch. So highly reflective it can be seen for 10 miles. It is accurate to signal for help during the daytime and on overcast days.

Sighting hole with reflectorized screen
Scratch resistant

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